Terms and conditions

Parkingstop arrives in Bergamo Orio al Serio to offer a turnkey parking service to travelers departing from Bergamo. The car park has several covered parking spaces inside a garage.

The maximum height for indoor parking is 5 meters. The car park has a free shuttle service to and from the airport. The passenger unloading point at the underpass which is 250 meters from the check-in area.

The walking distance can be covered in about 3 minutes. If you want the shuttle to take you directly to the airport, book the additional service “Shuttle to the departure terminal”.

Opening time

Every day 24 hours a day.
You keep the keys
You can take your keys with you at Parkingstop. However, please note that in busy periods, for logistical reasons it may be necessary to hand over the keys to the car park.

Special conditions in busy periods

In busy periods, for example if you are traveling on weekends, we recommend that you arrive at the car park well in advance, 40 minutes before when you wish to be at the airport. Please note that during busy periods, for logistical reasons it may be necessary to hand over the keys to the car park.

Conditions for parking large vehicles

The parking is intended for cars. A supplement is required to park 6-seater campers and vans, which can be booked directly from the booking form.

Baby seat

Are you traveling with a child? It is possible to use the car seat provided by the car park for the shuttle transfer by selecting the Baby and small children seat option when booking.

Reservation cancellation policy

It is always possible to cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your arrival at the car park.

You can cancel your booking with a refund request to our confirmation email. If you cancel your reservation 24 hours before your expected arrival in the parking lot, you will be refunded the amount paid.

After canceling the reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from us. So you will be sure that the operation was successful.

If you wish to cancel your booking within 24 hours prior to your departure, it is no longer possible to do so online. The car park has reserved a parking space for you and organized its staff.